SHMsoft, Inc. Adds Review Capabilities to its Open Source eDiscovery Software FreeEed

September 29, 2013, HoustonSHMsoft, a leader in open source software for eDiscovery, is pleased to announce the latest additions to its FreeEed family of eDiscovery applications. The software is capable of indexing terabytes of documents for subsequent legal review, at speeds of over 100 GB/hour, and at costs of under $1/GB, on Amazon EC2 cloud, on a local workstation or on a cluster made out of spare capacity of the office PCs. Thus, one can safely claim that ”My data never leaves my office.” The newest capabilities include OCR, internationalization and browser-based first-look review. Simplified documentation is now part of the source code on GitHub.

The FreeEed product is intended for enterprises bringing eDiscovery in-house, for integrators and consultants who are preparing their eDiscovery tool boxes, and for auditors, who essentially need to do eDiscovery tasks but without the eDiscovery price tag. Whether one is looking for the first pass review of his data or needs to cull down the volume significantly before he sends it to an eDiscovery vendor, he owes it to himself to evaluate FreeEed.

FreeEed is completely open source under business-friendly Apache 2.0 license. It is based on Hadoop, the de-facto standard for Big Data back-end technologies, and works with all major Hadoop distributions. The work is underway to have it certified on HortonWorks’ HDP.

SHMsoft CEO Mark Kerzner said,
“We are pleased to provide the technical eDiscovery enthusiasts the open source tools they have demanded. We have seen an increasing number of downloads from very technical users who are at ease with open source and who can set it up and reap the benefits. We will provide the needed support, and we welcome code contributions.”

John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks said,
“Being that FreeEed is a completely open source application for the legal vertical, it aligns well with our efforts to build an ecosystem that accelerates the enterprise adoption of Hadoop. We look forward to FreeEed becoming certified on HDP."

Jeff “BIGGIE Data” Chien of
NetApp said,
“Thrilled to demonstrate the ease, efficiency, and performance of discovery with SHMsoft FreeEed on Netapp E-series. Clients can now take advantage of these monumental e-Discovery improvements for all types profit center workloads including legal, education, and research.”

On the cloud portion of FreeEed code, Sujee Maniyam, a partner in Hadoop Illuminated LLC said,
“I am very excited about SHMsoft open sourcing the code that deals with automatic construction of Hadoop clusters on the Amazon EC2. We have already been using this in Hadoop training, and I am positive that the community will welcome this development.”

About SHMsoft

Houston-based SHMsoft has entered eDiscovery software in 2011. From the start, it has garnered considerable attention with its FreeEed Hadoop-based eDiscovery, engineered for Big Data. It has quickly become the client of Houston Technology Center, received multiple awards and was invited to present at Dell’s first Tech Innovator Days. SHMsoft’s pioneering work in Big Data has earned it the attention of multiple partners, in the Big Data markets.

About Hadoop Illuminated

Founded in February of 2013, Hadoop Illuminated has already delivered dozens of training sessions in Hadoop and Big Data to hundreds of students. It provides high-quality vendor-neutral training, and gets consistently high ratings with the students. It also advises hardware and software companies on ways of entering the Big Data markets.

For more information please contact Mark Kerzner,, 713-568-9753.