A lot more than plain expertise
SHMsoft is comprised of members with experience and expertise in virtually every application that involves structured and unstructured electronic data in large volumes -or Big Data as it is more commonly called-. Examples of those include projects that range from eDiscovery to oil well optimization, marketing, biomedical analysis and more.
We do not expect customers to have pre-existing knowledge on complex technical matters and terms in order to tackle problems driven by Big Data or problems that can use Big Data driven applications for their solution. Just contact us with your business/data management problem and we will work together to decide on approaches, innovations and cost/value.
We believe in simple and powerful approaches
SHMsoft is the “sane” choice when it comes to Big Data consulting. Yes, we are experts but we firmly believe that listening to your problems and requirements is even more valuable. (We give you control of the cost and technology)
Areas of our consulting expertise include but are not limited to:
  • Technology/Tools
  • Apache Hadoop(link to FAQ)
  • HBase
  • Analytics with Hive
  • Analytics with Mahout
  • Pig - programming
  • Processes/Operations
  • eDiscovery
  • Compliance
  • Optimization
  • Data management/mining
  • Marketing
  • Medical research
The key points of our perspective:

Customer orientation - simple approach
We believe in listening more than we believe in talking. We encourage our customers to share their issues just as they understand them and we are determined to work together for the solution with the greatest value and results.
Custom software development
We are programmers ready to engage in any software building if the nature of the job requires it. This approach has numerous advantages, including tailored results and total control of the costs and technology.
Proven ability
Our consulting engagement expertise stem from years of experience with relevant projects across all industries. The best proof of that is that we actually use those tools to develop our own software.
We like to share our knowledge
SHMsoft’s team has many years of experience in using Big Data tools and methods and also the record to prove it. We are not only interested in providing our services to you, but also to give you the power to take control of the technology.
SHMsoft offers complete training packages in the following areas:
  • Hadoop cluster building
  • Hadoop administration
  • HBase database administration
  • Computer/Tehnology Assisted Review (TAR)
  • SHMcloud usage and administration
  • eDiscovery workflows
  • Distributed/Scalable computing
  • Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS)